In case of every planning tasks, we work in terms of energy efficient construction, and we work to investor get an energy efficient building finally.


The future use-value of a buildig measurably depends on the planning. Mistake at planning or uncocntretized expectations can draw down more problems during the construction, and maybe the building cannot accomodate the expected comfort during the using period.

Investors can save the most with a good planning. It means that an experienced architect and reasoned plan result the fewest problems and extra costs during the construction.

In case of every task we striving after dovetailing of technical requirements of high-class and high-comfort buildings and the technical and aesthetic expectations of our customers.
We endeavor to get on subjets, what does not necessarily follow that come in customer's mind, but we know the future utility from practice.

PLanning is a bilateral co-operation at us. We configure the model during multiple consultations, what is flawless for the customer and stand the proof of the sternest technical and energetical expectations too. In favour of the best result, the consultation is uninterrupted between our architects and the customer during the planning or the whole general construction period.


We attend to particularities of construction and specialities (heating, cooling, air handling, electricity, etc.) already in the period of planning - be it a new residental or industrial building or a renewal.

Our company group deal with architectural and building engineering constructions too - we accomplished the complex, general construction of many industrial and public buildings and apartment houses.


We have big experience in planning of public buildings and institutes, and special commercial or industrial buildings where need high level of architectural erudition.

We have planned wind turbine plant, biogas plant and explosion-dangerous plants, etc.

Because of the location of our headquarter, we buildings are planned by our company located in West Hungary near to Mosonmagyaróvár, Győr and Sopron, but we have more buildings in the capital city, Budapest, in eastern part of Hungary too.

You can find at references some of the buildings are planned by our company.



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