Beyond planning and technical controlling, our team takes on construction works evan as building engineering, so we can cover all of areas of building industry as general constructor.

In the most optimal cases we perform and control from the first consultation to turn-key every planning and constriuction works. In this manner is accessible the perfect harmony between planning and construction what is one of the main earnest of the highest quality.

We develop every phase of the construction to take into account the demands of the other connected works.

In cases of our general constructed works saving that we harmonize our constructor teams, we control the quick and accurate information flow between the main contractors of the project. We know that deficient information flow can cause lot of problems what can generate huge unintended extra costs and worse comfort level too.


We perform:

- General consruction works with technical leading and controlling

- General contruction of industrial investments

- Complete installation of energy saving heating systems

- Installation and setup of komplex passive house units

- Installing residental and industrial heat recovery vantilation systems

- Diagnostic measurements:

- Blower door measurements
- Thermal camera monitorings

Construction - layout and ready house