We assume every professional tasks connected to European Union energetical and modernisation grants and tenders:

palyazatiras kicsi

- Planning

- Energetical calculations

- Engrossing energy certificate

- Advices to remolding

- Assemling the whole documentation to EU-grants

- Technical leading

- Technical controlling

With our interconnected company we can manage comprehensively the whole process of EU-grants from application to accounting.

In case of industrial, public (schools, day nurseries, and other public institutes) and other residental buildings we managed numerous succesful EU-grants. Whit them, the owner or the operator obtained measurable non-refundable subvention during the construction/remolding/modernisation process.


We make any diagnostic audit when it is needed to the application:

- Blower door measurements

- Thermal camera measurements

- Energetical audtits for energy certificates